Workshop on Star Clusters

Understanding Star Clusters in the Era of Multi-dimensional Diagnostics


++ November 8 (Tuesday) to 10, 2016

++ National Central University, Institute of Astronomy, Chien-Shiung Building Room 1013



Most and perhaps all stars are formed in clustered environments out of molecular clouds.  Star clusters are of astrophysical interest because they are laboratories to study how member stars interact dynamically, how stars of different masses evolve, and how the then-bound systems dissolve to supply the disk population.  

In an era now we characterize cluster stars by X-ray, optical, and infrared observations, with proper motion and radial velocity measurements, with metallicity and rotational diagnostics, our understanding of star clusters has been much improved.  In particular, while LAMOST avails spectral typing and radial velocity, Pan-STARRS complements with deep, multi-epoch photometry from optical to near-infrared wavelengths.  This workshop aims to bring expertise including, but not limited to, using these data.  There will be oral presentations, preferably given in English.  Plenty time will be set aside for discussions of ongoing and planned future projects, so as to prompt possible collaborations.


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