Two-meter Telescope Project


Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) will carry out systematic cyclical sky surveys for the first time. Extensive studies of solar system objects and transient objectsare expected. In order to maximize scientific outputs of Pan-STARRS project, we are constructing a 2-m telescope at Lulin observatory in Taiwan. The main objective of this facility is to conduct immediate and intensive follow-up observations for new discoveries by Pan-STARRS PS1 sky surveys. The design of the telescope was completed by the end of 2007. The design of the enclosure and pillar was completed in May 2008. The primary mirror is being built in Russia now, and the expected delivery date is early 2009. We report the current status of 2-m telescope construction. In addition, we also introduce our instrumentation program. After the approval of our funding request atthe end of 2007, we started the instrumentation program for 2-m telescope. We give the conceptual design of our 4-color simultaneous imager. The dichroic mirrors split the beam, and signals at four different bands are recorded exactly at the same time. This enables us accurate color measurements by canceling sky condition changes and intrinsic brightness change of the target. The use of fully depleted CCDs provides high quantum efficiency at longer wavelength, say 0.6 or more at 1 micron, and negligible fringe pattern. These advantages opennew window for observing by a small telescope at y-band.

Fig. 1. Imaginary photo with 2 meter telescope constructed on the summit of Lulin Front Mountain.