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2022年發表 26篇

1. Dheeraj R. Pasham, Matteo Lucchini, Tanmoy Laskar, Benjamin P. Gompertz, Shubham Srivastav, Matt Nicholl, Stephen J. Smartt, James C. A. Miller-Jones, Kate D. Alexander, Rob Fender, Graham P. Smith, M. Fulton, Gulab Dewangan, Keith Gendreau, Eric R. Coughlin, Lauren Rhodes, Assaf Horesh, Sjoert van Velzen, Itai Sfaradi, Muryel Guolo, Noel Castro Segura, Aysha Aamer, Joseph P. Anderson, Iair Arcavi, Seán J. Brennan, Kenneth Chambers, Panos Charalampopoulos, Ting-Wan Chen, A. Clocchiatti, Thomas de Boer, Michel Dennefeld, Elizabeth Ferrara, Lluís Galbany, Hua Gao, James H. Gillanders, Adelle Goodwin, Mariusz Gromadzki, M. Huber, Peter G. Jonker, Manasvita Joshi, Erin Kara, Thomas L. Killestein, Peter Kosec, Daniel Kocevski, Giorgos Leloudas, Chien-Cheng Lin, Raffaella Margutti, Seppo Mattila, Thomas Moore, Tomás Müller-Bravo, Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Samantha Oates, Francesca Onori, Pan, Yen-Chen, Miguel Perez-Torres, Priyanka Rani, Ronald Remillard, Evan J. Ridley, Steve Schulze, Xinyue Sheng, Luke Shingles, Ken W. Smith, James F. Steiner, Richard Wainscoat, Thomas Wevers & Sheng Yang, The Birth of a Relativistic Jet Following the Disruption of a Star by a Cosmological Black Hole , Nature Astronomy (2022) (2022/11)

2. Panja, Alik; Sun, Yan; Chen, Wen-Ping; Mondal, Soumen, Star and Cluster Formation in the Sh2-112 Filamentary Cloud Complex , The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 939, Issue 1, id.46, 21 pp. (2022/11)

3. Kyle A. Pearson, Charles Beichman, B. J. Fulton, Thomas M. Esposito, Robert T. Zellem,, David R. Ciardi, Jonah Rolfness, John Engelke, Tamim Fatahi, Rachel Zimmerman-Brachman, Arin Avsar, Varun Bhalerao, Pat Boyce, Marc Bretton, Alexandra D. Burnett, Jennifer Burt, Charles H. Cynamon, Martin Fowler, Daniel Gallego, Edward Gomez, Bruno Guillet, Jerry Hilburn, Yves Jongen, Tiffany Kataria, Anastasia Kokori, Harsh Kumar, Petri Kuossari, Georgios Lekkas, Alessandro Marchini, Nicola Meneghelli, Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Michael Primm, Subham Samantaray, Masao Shimizu (清水正雄), George Silvis, Frank Sienkiewicz, Vishwajeet Swain, Joshua Tan, Kalée Tock, Kevin Wagner, and Anaël Wünsche , Utilizing a Global Network of Telescopes to Update the Ephemeris for the Highly Eccentric Planet HD 80606 b and to Ensure the Efficient Scheduling of JWST , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 164, Number 5 (2022/10)

4. Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Anupam Bhardwaj, Matthew J. Graham, Steven L. Groom, Frank J. Masci, and Reed Riddle, Zwicky Transient Facility and Globular Clusters: The Period–Luminosity and Period–Wesenheit Relations for Anomalous Cepheids Supplemented with Large Magellanic Cloud Sample , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 164, Number 5 (2022/10)

5. Lalchand, Bhavana, Chen, Wen-Ping, Beth A. Biller, Loïc Albert, Katelyn Allers, Sophie Dubber, Zhoujian Zhang, Michael C. Liu, Jessy Jose, Belinda Damian, Tanvi Sharma, Mickaël Bonnefoy, and Yumiko Oasa, A Novel Survey for Young Substellar Objects with the W-band Filter. V. IC 348 and Barnard 5 in the Perseus Cloud , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 164, Issue 4, id.125, 16 pp. (2022/10)

6. Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Anupam Bhardwaj, Jing-Yi Henderson, Matthew J. Graham, Russ R. Laher, Michael S. Medford, Josiah Purdum, and Ben Rusholme, Zwicky Transient Facility and Globular Clusters: The Period–Luminosity and Period–Wesenheit Relations for Type II Cepheids , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 164, Number 4 (2022/09)

7. Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Anupam Bhardwaj, Daniel Reiley, Russ R. Laher, Josiah Purdum, and Ben Rusholme, Zwicky Transient Facility and Globular Clusters: Calibration of the gr-band Absolute Magnitudes for the Yellow Post-asymptotic-giant-branch Stars , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 164, Number 4 (2022/09)

8. Johnstone, Doug; Lalchand, Bhavana; Mairs, Steve; Shang, Hsien; Chen, Wen-Ping; Bower, Geoffrey C.; Herczeg, Gregory J.; Lee, Jeong-Eun; Forbrich, Jan; Chen, Bo-Yan; Contreras Peña, Carlos; Lee, Yong-Hee; Park, Wooseok; Broughton, Colton; Plovie, Spencer; JCMT Transient Team, The JCMT Transient Survey: Single-epoch Transients and Variability of Faint Sources , The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 937, Issue 1, id.6, 12 pp. (2022/09)

9. Bijas, N.; Eswaraiah, Chakali; Wang, Jia-Wei; Jose, Jessy; Chen, Wen-Ping; Li, Di; Lai, Shih-Ping; Ojha, D. K., Revealing the dust grain polarization properties as a function of extinction and distance towards NGC 1893 , Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 515, Issue 3, pp.3352-3369 (2022/09)

10. Jorstad, S. G., Marscher, A. P., Raiteri, C. M., et al. (including Chen, Wen-Ping, Hsiao, H. Y., Lin, H. C., and Tsai, An-li from NCU), Rapid quasi-periodic oscillations in the relativistic jet of BL Lacertae , Nature, Volume 609, Issue 7926, p.265-268 (2022/09)

11. Hernández-Valencia, B.; Castro-Chacón, J. H.; Reyes-Ruiz, M.; Lehner, M. J.; Guerrero, C. A.; Silva, J. S.; Hernández-Águila, J. B.; Alvarez-Santana, F. I.; Sánchez, E.; Nuñez, J. M.; Calvario-Velásquez, L. T.; Figueroa, Liliana; Huang, C. -K.; Wang, Shiang-Yu; Alcock, C.; Chen, Wen-Ping; Granados Contreras, Agueda Paula; Geary, J. C.; Cook, K. H.; Kavelaars, J. J.; Norton, T.; Szentgyorgyi, A.; Yen, W. -L.; Zhang, Z. -W.; Olague, G., Pattern Recognition Using SVM for the Classification of the Size and Distance of Trans-Neptunian Objects Detected by Serendipitous Stellar Occultations , Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 134, Issue 1038, id.084501, 15 pp. (2022/08)

12. Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Evaluating the V-band Photometric Metallicity with Fundamental Mode RR Lyrae in the Kepler Field , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 164, Number 2 (2022/07)

13. Chan-Kao Chang, Ting-Shuo Yeh, HanJie Tan, Ip, Wing-Huen, Michael S. P. Kelley, Quanzhi Ye, Lin, Zhong-Yi, Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Bryce T. Bolin, Thomas. A. Prince, The Large Superfast Rotators Discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility , The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 932, Number 1 (2022/06)

14. Aashish Gupta and Chen, Wen-Ping, Interplay between Young Stars and Molecular Clouds in the Ophiuchus Star-forming Complex , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 163, Number 5 (2022/05)

15. Ou, Jia-Yu and Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Difference of Photometric Properties between Regular and Nonregular Miras in the Magellanic Clouds , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 163, Number 5 (2022/04)

16. Ngeow, Chow-Choong, Anupam Bhardwaj, Richard Dekany, Dmitry A. Duev, Matthew J. Graham, Steven L. Groom, Ashish A. Mahabal, Frank J. Masci, Michael S. Medford, and Reed Riddle, Zwicky Transient Facility and Globular Clusters: The RR Lyrae gri-band Period–Luminosity–Metallicity and Period–Wesenheit–Metallicity Relations , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 163, Number 5 (2022/04)

17. Wang, You-Fen ; Luo, A. -Li ; Chen, Wen-Ping ; Jones, Hugh R. A. ; Du, Bing ; Li, Yin-Bi ; Zhang, Shuo ; Bai, Zhong-Rui ; Kong, Xiao ; Guo, Yan-Xin, Ultracool dwarfs identified using spectra in LAMOST DR7 , Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 660, id.A38, 13 pp. (2022/04)

18. Bischoff, R. ; Raetz, St ; Fernández, M. ; Mugrauer, M. ; Neuhäuser, R. ; Huang, P. C. ; Chen, W. P. ; Sota, A. ; Jiménez Ortega, J. ; Hambaryan, V. V. ; Zieliński, P. ; Dróżdż, M. ; Ogłoza, W. ; Stenglein, W. ; Hohmann, E. ; Michel, K. -U., Young Exoplanet Transit Initiative follow-up observations of the T Tauri star CVSO 30 with transit-like dips , Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 511, Issue 3, pp.3487-3500 (2022/04)

19. Silva, J. S., et al. (including Huang, C. K., and Chen, W. P. from NCU), 2018 August 15 stellar occultation by minor planet (134340) Pluto , Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 511, Issue 4, pp.5550-5559 (2022/04)

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21. Han-Tang Lin, Chen, Wen-Ping, Jinzhong Liu, Xuan Zhang, Yu Zhang, Andrew Wang, Shiang-Yu Wang, Matthew J. Lehner, C. Y. Wen, J. K. Guo, Y. H. Chang, M. H. Chang, Tsai, Anli, Chia-Lung Lin, C. Y. Hsu, and Ip, Wing, Simultaneous Detection of Optical Flares of the Magnetically Active M-dwarf Wolf359 , The Astronomical Journal, Volume 163, Number 4 (2022/03)

22. Li, Pengfei; McGaugh, Stacy S; Lelli, Federico; Tian, Yong; Schombert, James M.; Ko, Chung-Ming, The Effect of Adiabatic Compression on Dark Matter Halos and the Radial Acceleration Relation , The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 927, 198, 10 pp. (2022/03)

23. Sharma, Tanvi, Chen, Wen Ping, Neelam Panwar, Yan Sun, and Yu Gao, Diagnosing Triggered Star Formation in the Galactic H ii region Sh 2-142 , The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 928, Number 1 (2022/03)

24. Woojin Kwon, Kate Pattle, Sarah Sadavoy, et al. (including Chen, Wen-Ping), B-fields in Star-forming Region Observations (BISTRO): Magnetic Fields in the Filamentary Structures of Serpens Main , The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 926, Number 2 (2022/02)

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