Graduation Process

Oral Defense Application

Please log in NCU Portal > iNCU> Academic > Register> "Degree Exam Application"
  • Combine following documents into ONE PDF file and upload it in the system
    1. Advisor Recommendation Letter
    2. Similarity Report
    3. Certificate from Academic Ethic course
    4. Thesis Draft
  • If your oral committee members require Certificate of Appointment, please print out from Portal and send it to Documents & Files Section for Official Stamp.
  • Reserve room (1013) for oral defense


Oral Defense

  • Confirm with committee members if they need to drive car to school, please provide plate number for campus free parking.
  • Confirm with committee members for the payment information.

Documents (on-site use)

Print out documents from NCU Portal "Degree Exam Application" system
  1. Advisor's Recommendation
  2. Verification Letter from the Oral Examination Committee
  3. Documents for score report

School Leaving

Initiate school leaving after advisor’s agreement.