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2019-08-23Dr. Gregory Herczeg
(KIAA, Beijing)
The evolution of pre-main sequence stars and their protoplanetary disks
2019-05-16李傑信 博士 Dr. Mark Lee
宇宙的顫抖: 相對論與引力波
2019-01-04Dr. Cheng-Ling Kuo
(Institute of Space Science, NCU)
Preliminary Results for Hyperspectrograph for Space Missions
2018-12-28Dr. Loren C. Chang
(Institute of Space Science, NCU)
Developing Spaceflight and Space Situational Awareness Capacity at NCU
2018-12-21Professor Yue Shen
(Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
The final parsec: time-domain exploration of the inner regions of quasars
2018-12-14Dr. Yuki Inoue
(Dept. of Physics, NCU)
Progress of KAGRA Gravitational wave interferometer and multi-messenger astronomy
2018-12-07Dr. Yu-Jung Chen
(Dept. of Physics, NCU)
The evolution of laboratory measurement of photodesorption of ices
2018-11-30Dr. Shiang-Yu Wang and Dr. Youichi Ohyama
SPICA-Taiwan: New Opportunities for MIR-FIR Science in 2030s
2018-11-23Dr. Chow-Choong Ngeow
(Institute of Astronomy, NCU)
Learning About RR Lyre in One-Hour
2018-11-16Dr. Ekaterina Koptelova
(Institute of Astronomy, NCU)
Molecular gas around supermassive black holes of quasars at redshift z>7
2018-11-13Dr. David Jewitt
(Department of Astronomy, UCLA)
Two Freaks and a Conundrum
2018-11-09Dr. Ying-Tung Chen
Exploring Outer Solar System with Large Programs of CFHT and Subaru
2018-11-02Dr. Yong Tian
(Institute of Astronomy, NCU)
Is Dark Matter REAL?
2018-10-26Prof. Wen-Ping Chen
(Institute of Astronomy, NCU)
Journey to the West: My Sabbatical Adventures
2018-10-19Prof. Yuan-Hann Chang
(Dept. of Physics, NCU)
Study the cosmic rays with the AMS experiment on the International Space Station
2018-10-12Dr. Chi-Ju Wu
(Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research)
From the Sun to climate: solar activity over the last 9000 years
2018-10-12Dr. Robin Thor
(Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research)
Constraints on planetary interiors from laser altimetry
2018-09-28Dr. Po-Chieh Yu
(Institute of Astronomy, NCU)
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