Upcoming Journal Club

Dr. Zhong-Yi Lin: "DART mission"

Time/Location: 2023-12-06 12:10 [S4-1013]

Authers/Journal Paper:


On September 26, 2022, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) successfully changed the trajectory of the asteroid Dimorphos (i.e. 65803 Didymos I), a satellite circling (65803) Didymos. In this talk, I will summarize the results form space- and ground-based telescopes.

Journal Club List

2023-12-06Dr. Zhong-Yi LinDART mission
2023-11-29Dr. Ian-Lin LaiThe Surface-Bounded Exospheres in the Inner Solar System
2023-11-22Prof. Kinoshita Daisuke4.46 Ga zircons anchor chronology of lunar magma ocean
2023-11-08Dr. Chen-Yu ChenA comparison of the baryonic Tully–Fisher relation in MaNGA and IllustrisTNG
2022-06-01Dr. Jhen-Yu ChenThe puzzling origin of massive compact galaxies in MaNGA
2022-05-25Prof. PanA Carbon/Oxygen-dominated Atmosphere Days after Explosion for the "Super-Chandrasekhar" Type Ia SN 2020esm
2022-05-18Dr. Yong TianTesting the Strong Equivalence Principle: New Evidences for Modified Gravity
2022-05-11JiaYu OuMid-infrared Period–Luminosity Relations for Miras in the Large Magellanic Cloud
2022-05-04Prof. HwangOn the relative importance of AGN winds for the evolution of exoplanet atmospheres
2022-03-23Mahitosh RayProbing the kinematics and chemistry of the hot core Mon R2 IRS 3 using ALMA observations
2022-01-05Prof. NgeowRR Lyrae-based Distances for 39 Nearby Dwarf Galaxies Calibrated to Gaia eDR3
2021-12-29Prof. ChenFilament coalescence and hub structure in Mon R2 --- Implications to massive star and cluster formation
2021-12-22Prof. IpCircumstellar debris and pollution around white dwarfs
2021-12-15Prof. PanLess than 1% of Core-Collapse Supernovae in the local universe occur in elliptical galaxies
2021-12-08Prof. KoGuess who is peeking at us?
2021-12-01Prof. KinoshitaDynamics of small bodies in orbits between Jupiter and Saturn by Roberts, Andrew C.
2021-10-20Prof. HwangGalaxy zoo builder: Morphological dependence of spiral galaxy pitch angle by T. Lingard et al
2021-06-09Dr. Yong TianA massive blow for ΛCDM - the high redshift, mass, and collision velocity of the interacting galaxy cluster El Gordo contradicts concordance cosmology [Online via Zoom due to the current alert of covid-19]
2021-06-02Prof. Shin-Shan YuSearch for dark matter with the mono-h channel at CMS [Online via Zoom due to the current alert of covid-19]
2021-05-26Prof. Ling-Hsiao LyuVelocity-shear instabilities and their future applications to the unsolved problems in astrophysics [Online via Zoom due to the current alert of covid-19]
2021-05-19Tanvi SharmaWD1032 + 011, an inflated brown dwarf in an old eclipsing binary with a white dwarf [Online via Zoom due to the current alert of covid-19]
2021-05-12Dr. Jhen-Yu ChenSelf-consistent Color-Stellar Mass-to-light Ratio Relations for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
2021-05-05Prof. KinoshitaBasic Photometry Techniques
2021-04-28Prof. PanThe interacting nature of dwarf galaxies hosting superluminous supernovae
2021-04-14Bhavana LalchandK-band High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Embedded High-Mass Protostars
2021-03-31Prof. IpUranian satellite formation by evolution of a water vapour disk generated by a giant impact
2021-03-24Prof. NgeowThe Accuracy of the Hubble Constant Measurement Verified through Cepheid Amplitudes
2021-03-17Prof. ChouWhat’s new on neutron stars?
2021-03-10Prof. HwangGW190521 as a merger of Proca stars: a potential new vector boson of 8.7×10−13 eV
2020-12-30Prof. Pan"First Hubble diagram and cosmological constraints using superluminous supernova" by Inserra et al.
2020-12-23Prof. Chen"Discovery of a mid-infrared protostellar outburst of exceptional amplitude" by Lucas et al.
2020-12-09Prof. Hwang"Apparent evidence for Hawking points in the CMB Sky" by Daniel An, Krzysztof A. Meissner, Paweł Nurowski and Roger Penrose
2020-12-02Dr. Yong TianMass-Velocity Dispersion Relation in HIFLUGCS Galaxy Clusters
2020-11-11Prof. IpA tadpole's metamorphosis
2020-10-28Dr. Ying LiaoSublimation as an effective mechanism for flattened lobes of (486958) Arrokoth
2020-10-21Prof. NgeowThe value of the Hubble-Lemaître constant queried by Type Ia Supernovae: A journey from the Calán-Tololo Project to the Carnegie Supernova Program
2019-12-19Prof. Chen Wen-PingAnnual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 2019
2019-12-05Dr. Kinoshita DaisukeMy plan for coming winter vacation - observations of comet 289P/Blanpain
2019-11-28Dr. Zhong-Yi Lin Comets and Interstellar objects
2019-11-21Dr. Chow-Choong NgeowHow to Write A (Good) LOT Proposal
2019-10-17Prof. Ip Wing-HuenTen Easy Pieces
2019-10-03Dr. Hwang Chorng-YuanConfirmation of Planet-Mass Objects in Extragalactic Systems
2018-12-24Prof. Chorng-Yuan HwangGalaxy cluster mergers as triggers for the formation of jellyfish galaxies: case study of the A901/2 system
2018-12-17Prof. Wen-Ping ChenCould Solar Radiation Pressure Explain ‘Oumuamua’s Peculiar Acceleration?
2018-12-10Chia-Lung LinDetecting Water in the Atmosphere of HR 8799 c with L-band High-dispersion Spectroscopy Aided by Adaptive Optics
2018-11-26Dr. Chiende LeeVelocity-resolved [O I] 63 μm Emission in the HD 50138 Circumstellar Disk
2018-11-19Dr. Yong TianUltra Diffuse Galaxy NGC1052–DF2 lacking Dark Matter?
2018-06-13Dr. Ngeow, Chow-ChoongGaia Data Release 2: Observational Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams
2018-06-06Professor Chung-Ming KoSignal coverage approach to the detection probability of hypothetical extraterrestrial emitters in the Milky Way
2018-05-30Nai-Hui LiaoThe expected spins of gravitational wave sources with isolated field binary progenitors
2018-05-16Jia-Yu OuMira Variable Stars from LAMOST DR4 Data: Emission Features, Temperature Types, and Candidate Selection
2018-05-02Dr. Daisuke KinoshitaDome C ultracarbonaceous Antarctic micrometeorites. Infrared and Raman fingerprints
2018-04-25Po-Chieh YuA density cusp of quiescent X-ray binaries in the central parsec of the Galaxy
2018-04-11Han Zheng 鄭翰Unveiling the Origin of the Fermi Bubbles
2018-03-28Tsan-Ming Wang 王贊銘Metal Deficiency in Two Massive Dead Galaxies at z ~ 2
2018-01-09Dr. Chan-Kao ChangA binary main-belt comet
2017-11-28Bhavana LalchandA brief visit from a red and extremely elongated interstellar asteroid
2017-11-21Prof. Yi ChouThe Neutron star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER): an Explorer mission of opportunity for soft x-ray timing spectroscopy
2017-11-14Prof. Chow-Choong NgeowHunting the Optical Counterparts for Gravitational Wave Events
2017-10-31Chia-Hsiang Huang The mean star formation rates of unobscured QSOs: searching for evidence of suppressed or enhanced star formation
2017-10-24Prof. Wing-Huen IpIlluminating gravitational waves: A concordant picture of photons from a neutron star merger
2017-10-17Prof. Chorng-Yuan HwangHow large are the globular cluster systems of early-type galaxies and do they scale with galaxy halo properties?
2017-10-03Prof. Wen-Ping ChenAnnual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 2017
2017-06-08Hung-En HsienDiscovery of a soft X-ray 8 mHz QPO from the accreting millisecond pulsar IGR J00291+5934
2017-06-01Yi-Hao SuMaking Your Astronomy Research Code Citable
2017-05-11Dr. Daisuke KinoshitaThe Splitting of Double-component Active Asteroid P/2016 J1 (PANSTARRS)
2017-04-20Prof. Wen-Ping ChenSpiral density waves in a young protoplanetary disk
2017-04-06Jen-Chao HuangHiding in Plain Sight - Recovering Clusters of Galaxies with the Strongest AGN in Their Cores Tucanae
2017-03-30Prof. Wing-Huen IpRepeating fast radio bursts from highly magnetized pulsars traveling through asteroid belts
2017-02-16Dr. Chien-De LeeAn intermediate-mass black hole in the centre of the globular cluster 47 Tucanae
2016-12-15Dr. Yu-Chi ChengDiscovery of a New Retrograde Trans-Neptunian Object: Hint of a Common Orbital Plane for Low Semimajor Axis, High-inclination TNOs and Centaurs
2016-12-08Prof. Yi ChouDiscovery of a new accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar in the globular cluster NGC 2808
2016-11-24Hsing-Wen LinConsequences of a Distant Massive Planet on the Large Semi-major Axis Trans-Neptunian Objects
2016-10-20Po-Shih ChiangSpiral density waves in a young protoplanetary disk
2016-10-13Chien-De LeePan-STARRS and PESSTO search for an optical counterpart to the LIGO gravitational-wave source GW150914
2016-05-26Jen-Chao HuangRadio continuum detection in blue early-type weak emission line galaxies
2016-05-12Dr. Chan-Kao ChangA 2 km-size asteroid challenging the rubble-pile spin barrier - A case for cohesion
2016-04-28 Manash Ranjan SamalEpisodic molecular outflow in the very young protostellar cluster Serpens South
2016-04-21Po-Chieh YuALMA resolves the torus of NGC 1068: continuum and molecular line emission
2016-04-07Prof. Wen-Ping ChenWISEA J114724.10-204021.3: A Free-Floating Planetary Mass Member of the TW Hya Association
2016-03-10Chien-De LeeProperties of the binary black hole merger GW150914
2016-02-25Po-Shih Chiang 姜博識An all-sky Support Vector Machine selection of WISE YSO Candidates.
2015-12-31Prof. Yi Chou 周翊A possible cyclotron resonance scattering feature near 0.7 keV in X1822-371
2015-12-10Yong Tian 田雍Statistical Method on Astrophysics – Local Regression Method
2015-11-26Daisuke Kinoshita 木下大輔Observations of “fresh” and weathered surfaces on asteroid pairs and their implications on the rotational-fission mechanism
2015-10-29Yu-Chi Cheng 鄭宇棋The NEOWISE-Discovered Comet Population and the CO+CO2 production rates
2015-10-08Po-Shih Chiang 姜博識Discovery and spectroscopy of the young Jovian planet 51 Eri b with the Gemini Planet Imager
2015-10-01Hsing-Wen Lin 林省文Space Weathering Trends Among Carbonaceous Asteroids
2015-05-29Daisuke Kinoshita 木下大輔Spectral properties of the largest asteroids associated with Taurid Complex
2015-05-14Chan-Kao Chang 章展誥29 November 2011 stellar occultation by 2060 Chiron: Symmetric jet-like features
2015-04-30I-Ling Lin 林怡伶Ongoing hydrothermal activities within Enceladus
2015-04-09Dr. Hsing-Wen Lin 林省文Planet heating prevents inward migration of planetary cores
2015-03-19Yong Tian 田雍Dynamics of Elliptical Galaxies with Planetary Nebulae in the MOdified Newtonian Dynamics
2015-01-08Yi-Hao Su 蘇羿豪Practices in source code sharing in astrophysics
2014-12-25I-Ling Lin 林怡伶The Secret Lives of Cepheids: Evolutionary Changes and Pulsation-Induced Shock Heating in the Prototype Classical Cepheid δ Cep
2014-12-18I-Chenn Chen 陳以忱J1649+26: A Grand-Design Spiral with a Large Double-Lobed Radio Source
2014-12-04Ting-Chang Yang 楊庭彰SDSS J001153.08-064739.2, a Cataclysmic Variable with an Evolved Donor in the Period Gap
2014-11-27Li-Ching Huang 黃立晴Kepler Flares I. Active and Inactive M dwarfs
2014-11-06Chien-De Lee 李建德How tiny galaxies form stars
2014-10-30Jen-Chao Huang 黃仁昭Relics of Galaxy Merging: Observational Predictions for a Wandering Massive Black Hole and Accompanying Star Cluster in the Halo of M31
2014-10-16Yu-Chi Cheng 鄭宇棋Dust environment and dynamical history of a sample of short-period comets
2014-10-09Zong-Fu Sie 謝宗富The host galaxy and late-time evolution of the Super-Luminous Supernova PTF12dam
2014-10-02Po-Shin Chiang 姜博識Gender-based Systematics in HST Proposal Selection
2014-06-05Yi-Hao SuBlack hole spin measurements through the relativistic precession model: XTE J1550-564
2014-05-29Po-Chieh YuNASA's WISE Findings Poke Hole in Black Hole 'Doughnut' Theory
2014-05-15An-Li TsaiSuppression of star formation in the galaxy NGC 253 by a starburst-driven molecular wind
2014-05-08Chan-Kao ChangA ring system detected around the Centaur (10199) Chariklo
2014-05-01Ching-Ping LinFound: the progenitors of AM CVn and supernovae .Ia
2014-04-24Ting-Chang YangA millisecond pulsar in a stellar triple system
2014-03-27Hsing-Wen LinDark Matter as a trigger for Periodic Comet Impacts
2014-03-20Zhong-Yi LinThe water production rate of Rosetta target Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko near perihelion in 1996, 2002 and 2009 from Lyman α observations with SWAN/SOHO
2014-03-13Daisuke KinoshitaThe internal structure of asteroid (25143) Itokawa as revealed by detection of YORP spin-up
2014-03-06Po-Shih ChiangA global cloud map of the nearest known brown dwarf
2014-01-02Yi ChouSwings between rotation and accretion power in a binary millisecond pulsar
2013-12-26Chien-Cheng LinEvaluating Gyrochronology on the Zero-Age-Main-Sequence: Rotation Periods in the Southern Open Cluster Blanco 1 from the KELT-South Survey
2013-12-12I-Chenn ChenStar formation and AGN activity in interacting galaxies: a near-UV perspective
2013-12-05Chin-Ping HuA long-term X-ray monitoring of the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 5408 X-1 with Swift reveals the presence of dips but no orbital period
2013-11-28Li-Ching HuangA rocky composition for an Earth-sized exoplanet
2013-11-28Lin TuA high-amplitude thermal inertia anomaly of probable magnetospheric origin on Saturn’s moon Mimas
2013-10-31Wen-Ping ChenA SCUBA-2 850-μm survey of protoplanetary discs in the σ Orionis cluster
2013-10-24Jen-Chao HuangA high Eddington-ratio, true Seyfert 2 galaxy candidate: implications for broad-line region models
2013-10-03Chandler LeeA study of Be stars in the Magellanic Clouds
2013-09-25Prof. Wing-Huen IpIn Situ Observations of Interstellar Plasma With Voyager 1