Science I Building Observatory (National Central University Observatory)

Introduction of Science I Building Observatory

The Science I BUilding Observatory, which is equipped with modern facilities and techniques, is the first astronomical research observatory in Taiwan.

The Institute of Physics and Astronomy, National Central University was established in 1977. From then on, the building of the Science I Building Observatory was started. The observatory is completed in 1981. The largest telescope (61 cm) at that time, Cassegrain reflective telescope manufractured by Perkin-Elmer company, was setup in the observatory. In 1990, the telescope is equipped with a CCD(Charge Coupled Device) and start the photometric observations for variable stars, stellar clusters, and binary stars.

Because of the development of the Jhong-Li City, the light pollution grew rapldly. Therefore, the National Central University Observatory was not suitable for the research purposes. A new site survey project, which was executed by prof. Wean-Shun Tsay, was started to find a better site for observatories in Taiwan. After the investigations of seeing conditions, climates, and the stability of the air conditions, they found the front mountain of Lulin is one of the excellent site for the construction of the observatory. The Lulin Observatory was built in 1999, then the National Central University Observatory was turned for the purposes of demostration and education.

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