Full-time Members
  • Ip, Wing-Huen Academician; Professor
  • Specialties: Cometary physics, Solar system origin and planet formation, Solar system plasma physics, Planetary atmospheres and exospheric systems
  • E-mail: wingipastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-1008 (03-422-7151 ext 65959)
  • Chou, Yi Director; Professor
  • Specialties: High Energy Astrophysics, Close Binaries, Astronomy Instrumentation
  • E-mail: yichouastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-904 (03-422-7151 ext 65973)
  • Ko, Chung-Ming Professor
  • Specialties: Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays, Heliosphere, Galactic Halo, Interstellar Medium, Stellar Wind, Magnetic Field
  • E-mail: cmkoastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-708 (03-422-7151 ext 65309)
  • Chen, Wen-Ping Professor
  • Specialties: Observational Astronomy, Star Formation
  • E-mail: wchenastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-906 (03-422-7151 ext 65960)
  • Ngeow, Chow-Choong Professor
  • Specialties: Distance Scale and Cosmology; Cepheid and RR Lyrae; Variable Stars and Time-Domain Astronomy; Observational Astronomy in Optical and Infrared; Stellar Physics, Pulsations and Evolutions; Astro-Statistics, Image Reduction, Data Analysis and Data Management
  • E-mail: cngeowastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-908 (03-422-7151 ext 65953)
  • Kinoshita, Daisuke Assistant Professor
  • Specialties: Observational studies of minor bodies in solar system
  • E-mail: kinoshitaastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-1006 (03-422-7151 ext 65952)
  • Pan, Yen-Chen Assistant Professor
  • Specialties: Supernovae, Supernova Cosmology, Supernova Host Galaxies, Transient Astronomy
  • E-mail: ycpanastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-1004 (03-422-7151 ext 65954)
  • Chen, Ting-Wan Assistant Professor
  • Specialties: Transient Astronomy, Supernovae, Optical Counterparts of Gravitational Waves, Supernova Host Galaxies, Optical Surveys
  • E-mail: twchenastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Office: S4-1010 (03-422-7151 ext 65964)
Adjunct, Joint, and Part-time Members
  • Hwang, Chorng-Yuan Professor
  • Specialties: Radio Astrophysics, Infrared Astrophysics, Optical Astrophysics, Ultra-violet Astrophysics, X-ray Astrophysics, High Energy Astrophysics
  • E-mail: hwangcyastro.ncu.edu.tw
  • Wang, Shiang-Yu Joint Appointment Professor
    Research Fellow, ASIAA
  • Specialties: The optical and infrared astronomical instrumentation
  • E-mail: sywangasiaa.sinica.edu.tw
Retired Members