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圖: The identification near-infrared spectra of brown dwarf members in Coma Ber

由陳文屏教授指導物理系碩士生湯士昀指認鄰近的后髮座星團 (Coma Berenices) 當中的恆星與棕矮星成員。此星團是距離太陽第二近的星團,不到300光年,年齡8億年,但是反而因為佔據天空大面積,缺少詳細的研究。我們利用光度、運動,以及距離資訊,取得目前最完整而可靠的成員星名單,記算出成員星的質量函數,並判斷星團正在瓦解。我們也發現此星團當中質量最小的棕矮星成員。此結果發表在 2018年7月27日的 Astrophysical Journal

We conducted a search for Be star candidates in open clusters using Hα imaging photometry of the Palomar Transient Factory Survey to investigate some connections among Be star phenomena, cluster environments, and ages. Stellar members of clusters were identified by spatial distributions, near-infrared magnitudes and colors, and by proper motions. Among 104 open clusters, we identified 96 Be star candidates in 32 clusters; 11 of our candidates have been reported in previous studies. We found that the clusters with age 7.5 < log(t(year)) 8.5 tend to have more Be star candidates.